During the last couple of years I have been working with the themes of time and the duration of it by concentrating my eye on the world of shadows. I have been collecting shadows of Art works and Artefacts as well as their audiences. I have developed these images into independent works on paper. Shadows of three dimensional objects transform into figure planes. Taken out from their original context images don’t show the origin of the art work but something new.


In this world of shadows I’m interested in the idea that the shadows are not meant to be observed but are something which make us to experience the space around us and the passing of time. Shadow as a metaphor of the time running is inspiring and even mystical. The silence of the shadows and their immateriality is transformed into images on paper. The nature of the works is half abstract and in the end it is not important to know the origin of the images. They are something in between things.


At the moment I’m mainly working on paper with woodcut and drawing. These methods of working suit my themes now. With the time these things may change, themes I’m working with are guiding the process.

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